About Us

About Us


Zest Foods is a well known Kobe Food company that specializes in blending and producing their own natural original curry mixes, chai mix, and a whole range of delicious mouth watering Indian and Asian Foods and beverages

Zest Foods は、独自の天然オリジナルカレーミックス、チャイミックス、そしてさまざまなおいしいインド料理とアジア料理のブレンドと製造を専門とする、有名な神戸フード会社です。

Our Retail Store


Our retail store and Deli with eat in facilities situated at 3-14 Nozaki Dori 5 Chome, Chuo Ku, Kobe 651-0054 is about 180 sq meters and we also have a bakery, selling and serving Indian savories, like our signature products of 3 kinds of Naan Rolls, tandoori, sheesh Kebab, and Veggie wrapped in Naan, keema naan, potato naan, humus with pita bread and other exotic bakery delicacies. In addition , there is a whole variety of Indian and Asian delicacies to one can eat in the premises or simply take out. We also have a variety of frozen ready made exotic Indian and Asian dishes to heat up and serve.

Our most popular, chicken, shrimp, vegetable curry mixes under our Zest Foods brand at this store, in addition to our original Masala Chai mix and Assam Tea ,all spice (23 types of spices blended together,) Biryani mix, Tandoori mix, Chat Masala mix, all at extremely affordable prices. We also sell a huge variety (about 35 kinds of individual spices) at very affordable prices.
この店では、Zest Foodsブランドで最も人気のあるチキン、エビ、野菜のカレーミックスに加えて、オリジナルのマサラチャイミックスとアッサムティーに加えて、すべてのスパイス(23種類のスパイスをブレンド)ビリヤニミックス、タンドリーミックス、チャットマサラミックスはすべて非常に手頃な価格で、多種多様な(約35種類の個別のスパイス)も非常に手頃な価格で販売しています。

Our Products


An online sales section which specializes in selling all of the following categories of foods and spices:

(a) dry goods, which includes, our special popular curry mixes, chai mix, tandoori mix, biryani mix, chat masala mix, all spice , cajun spice mix, classic seasoning , Assam team and a whole variety of 35 kinds of single dry spices. (b) frozen foods, exotic, ethnic Indian and Asian foods which one simply heats and serves. (c) special bakery items like Naan Rolls,Samosa, Humus Naan, Pita bread etc. (d) special beverages like Iced Masala Chai, Plain Lassi, Mango Lassi, Rose Lassi

(a)特別に人気のあるカレーミックス、チャイミックス、タンドリーミックス、ビリヤニミックス、チャットマサラミックス、オールスパイス、ケイジャンスパイスミックス、クラシック調味料、アッサムチーム、および35種類のシングルの全種類を含む乾物ドライスパイス。 (b)冷凍食品、エキゾチック、エスニック・インディアン、およびアジア料理で、単に加熱して提供するもの。 (c)ナンロール、サモサ、フムスナン、ピタパンなどの特別なベーカリーアイテム。(d)アイスマサラチャイ、プレーンラッシー、マンゴーラッシー、ローズラッシーなどの特別な飲み物


Zest Foods has also been very active in attending and selling at exhibitions, Fairs, Marches and markets all over Kansai and various parts of Japan including Tokyo and the products have been very popular at most of the events we attend.


Zest Foods entire range of products can also be purchased from the following shopping sites (a) Amazon Japan (b) Creema (c) Base mobile shopping.

Zest Foodsの全製品は、次のショッピングサイトからも購入できます。(a)Amazon Japan(b)Creema(c)Baseモバイルショッピング。