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It was Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC), the early Greek Physician who is referred to by many people as the father of Western Medicine who correctly described food as medicine, and even today ,his signature statement Your food should be your medicine has made an indelible mark in the health conscious food world

It is a well known fact that most humans are gifted with bodies that have been built with immune systems to preserve good health with healing power, provided we feed the body with healthy natural foods. Organic and natural foods ensures that we keep our bodies healthy and that our immune systems are kept active and functioning with its natural healing powers and minimizes the chance of contamination of the body with chemicals. Unfortunately, the greed and desire for more profits by the corporate world has contributed to the destruction of a lot of the natural body’s healing powers through the manufacture and use of artificial preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, genetically modified seeds (g.m.o) etc.

The corporate world generally prefers profits with their greed, outweighing their duty to help preserve human health ,so they make most conventional foods with chemicals, preservatives, anti agents, artificial colorings ,sweeteners and genetically modify foods just to sell their products for more and more profits. Their greed for money has already destroyed millions of lives throughout the globe and one must be extra careful as to what is consumed in the body.

Most conventional farm produce contain pesticides that are harmful to health. Nowadays, there is huge production in g. m. o foods (genetically modified seeds) which are dangerous and harmful to health and can cause serious health problems and of course most of the processed foods found in supermarkets contain chemicals that destroy the immune systems of the body also causing all kinds of health problems.

The most common types of ingredients to avoid like the plague are MSG (monosodium glutamate), Aspartamewhich is an artificial sweetener disguised by numerous corporate brand names and GMO grown foods of any kind.

The various problems associated with the above mentioned items are listed in the articles below for the benefit of our customers.